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Choosing the Best Phlebotomy Schools

Best Phlebotomy Schools

Just like any other career in the medical field, a career as a phlebotomist requires the right medical education from…

…reputable phlebotomist schools and proper training from actual medical facilities.

A phlebotomist is a person who collects blood samples from patients through the use of venipuncture and other micro-techniques.

Blood samples are collected to monitor the blood level, to monitor the blood components, and for other diagnostic tests.  A phlebotomist also collects blood for transfusion.

Some of the other tasks performed by phlebotomists in laboratories, medical clinics, and hospitals include medical record keeping as well as other administrative tasks.

An aspiring phlebotomist should therefore have good interpersonal skills to communicate with different patients. He should also have good organizational skills.  Knowledge of the different tools inside a medical laboratory is also essential for phlebotomists.


Good Curriculum

There are various vocational schools, institutions, colleges, and universities that offer good courses on phlebotomy.

Students should look into the curriculum of the school and find out if the scope of the courses covers everything they need to know as required by the institutions they intend to get employed at.

There are schools that are particularly known for their specialization in phlebotomy.  It is important to find the best programs to help students become a successful phlebotomist.

A good curriculum on phlebotomy should include topics in introduction to medical terminologies, on-hand first aid skills, venipuncture skills, anatomy, physiology, communication skills, and importance of laboratory maintenance.

The curriculum should also have hands-on trainings to assess the skills of the students in actual field work.


The Needs of the Student

Choosing the best school depends on the student’s needs.  There are phlebotomist schools whose programs are only designed to help the students get acquainted with the basic procedures in phlebotomy and to train them to perform venipuncture.

Other vocational schools, on the other hand, offer certification programs that only covers a theoretical lessons and supervised hands-on practices.  There are also those that partner with hospitals for on-the-job training and education.

In some cases, students from these schools are absorbed by their partner hospitals after they finish their course.


Searching in the Internet

Searching in the internet is the fastest way to do research about a phlebotomy school.  The information about these schools online are extensive.  The program descriptions and course topics are often detailed in the official websites of these schools.

Contact information are also given in case interested students have further inquiries.  Often, there are also testimonials from former students who are already successful phlebotomists in various medical facilities and institutions.

Of course, not everything found online are legitimate.  Students should exercise care in discerning whether the educational institutions they find online are legitimate or not.

It is important to look for accreditations and any evidence that the educational credits gained from such learning institution are recognized by prospective employers and even by higher learning institutions.


Job Opportunities

When the best phlebotomist schools are chosen, students have a greater chance of succeeding in their chosen career.  These give them the proper mental and physical preparation for the career.

Since the credentials from these schools are accredited and recognized in the industry, graduates have the mobility to move from one medical facility to another.  They also have the option to pursue higher education in the medical field if they wish to.


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